FAQs - For VIVE accounts only

How can I make deposits to this account?

Direct Deposit:

Please provide the voided check in your welcome packet to your payroll department, Social Security, or other direct deposit authority. Please retain a copy of the voided check for future needs and store in a safe place. There is no charge for Direct Deposits.


Complete an Express Payment form. Enter Receive Code 4264 for TriCentury Bank, De Soto KS and then enter your checking account number. TriCentury Bank does not charge for this service, but there typically is a fee assessed by the sending MoneyGram agent.

Wire Transfer:

We accept incoming domestic (no foreign initiated) wires only. Please contact customer service for exact instructions. 888-309-2240.

Do you accept bank to bank wire transfers?

Yes, incoming only. There is an incoming wire fee in the amount of $10.00. We do not accept international wires.

Please contact customer service for exact instructions at 888-309-2240. The ACH routing number is NOT valid for wire transfers.

When will my Moneygram™ Deposit be available?

MoneyGrams are posted at 8am, 10am, 12pm, 2pm, and 4pm Central Time. The MoneyGram™ agent must send the MoneyGram™ at least 15 min before the posting hour to ensure that your funds can be posted at the next posting time. If your MoneyGram™ is sent after 3:45 pm Central Time then it will not post until the following business day.

NOTE: We do not post on weekends, or Federal holidays.

What is my routing number?

TriCentury Bank's routing number for ACH transactions is: 1011 0694 2. TriCentury Bank also has a routing number for bank to bank wire transfers.

Please contact customer service for exact wiring instructions at 888-309-2240.

How can I get another voided check to set up my direct deposit?

Please contact Customer Service at 888-309-2240 to request.

What is my credit limit?

You do not have a credit limit; this is not a credit card. Your Debit MasterCard™ is attached to your bank account and allows you to withdraw funds via ATM or point of sale wherever MasterCard™ is accepted.

Your daily withdrawal limits are typically $750 for ATM withdrawals and $750 for POS transactions, although, for security reasons, these amounts could be temporarily reduced.

How much can I withdraw per day?

You have 2 daily limits: $750.00 at ATM's and $750 for POS transactions.

What is the difference between signing a receipt and using a PIN to authorize a debit card purchase?

Most merchants will offer both options, but some may require a signature (like many restaurants), where other merchants may want you to enter your PIN (debit). Whichever option is chosen, the purchase amount will be deducted from your available balance in your checking account.

How long does it take to receive a card and PIN?

Generally, you can expect to receive your card within 3-5 business days, with the PIN mailer following 1-2 days after the card. You may activate your card upon receipt and use it for pinless transactions immediately.

What is my PIN number?

When your account is initiated, you are assigned 2 separate numbers:

ATM/Debit Card PIN:

Your Debit MasterCard™ PIN number is generated by MasterCard™ and mailed to you within 1-2 days after you receive your Debit MasterCard™. This computer-generated number cannot be accessed by bank personnel. If you lose, or forget, your ATM PIN a new one must be issued and mailed to you.

Automated Phone Banking (IVR) PIN:

A different 4 digit temporary access code (TAC) is assigned to you for accessing the automated phone system. This 4 digit number is totally unrelated to your card PIN, and is used when you access the IVR for the first time. You will be required to change the TAC assigned during your first access to the IVR. Please listen carefully as the system will guide you through the process of selecting a new PIN.

Can I change my Debit MasterCard™ PIN?

Yes, when you receive your PIN mailer it will have instructions on how to change your PIN, if desired. DO NOT write your PIN number on the card or carry it with your card.

How do I check my balance?

You have access to your account information 24/7/365 via the automated telephone system (800-480-1747) or Online Banking (enrollment required). You may also check your balance at an ATM machine, but there is a $1.00 balance inquiry fee associated with that transaction.

What if I see a transaction I don't recognize on my account?

If you recognize the date and merchant, but the amount is larger than the transaction, be aware that some merchants (such as gas stations, restaurants, and hotels) place a hold on your account for more than the final transaction amount. The difference between the hold amount and the transaction amount should be released within 3-5 days.

Contact Customer Service at 800-480-1747 (8am to 5pm Central Time) if you do not recognize a transaction at all. You should also submit a written notice of dispute per the Terms & Conditions of your account.

Are there any limitations as to where I may use my ATM/Debit Card?

Currently, your ATM/Debit Card may not be used for Car Rentals and Online Gambling. Specific retail establishments and countries may be blocked for certain transactions based on current fraud trends

What should I do if I am going to be traveling (within the US or internationally)?

It is always a good idea to contact us at the phone # listed on the back of your card to inform us of your travel so that a travel update can be placed on your account. This may help prevent an interruption of debit card or ATM access.